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HUMAPRO Tablets – is formulated with all of the essential amino acids in the exact ratio and sequenced delivery for what the human body requires to fully utilize them.

Furthermore, the unique delivery system of HumaPro® is designed to have all of the essential Amino Acids arrive at the muscle tissue, at the same time.

With other proteins they not only are in the incorrect ratios, but they also arrive at different times.

This is something to think about when you see other products on the market that may seem to copy HumaPro®.

Years of science has been put into the unique delivery system behind HumaPro® and the exact amino sequence.

Don’t fall for a copy-cat product – make sure you are using the original!

No Other Protein Compares to HumaPro 300t:

Economical: Costs less per serving than other proteins
Super Concentrated: *1 serving of HumaPro® = a Whole Food Protein Equivalent of 25g averaged, with only 0.02 calories per serving

1 serving of HumaPro®: 0.02 Calories, *25g Protein, 0g Carbs & 0g Fats.
4 oz. of Chicken Breast: 130 Calories, 24.20g Protein, 0g Carbs & 23.95g Fats.
5 oz. Lean Beef: 361 Calories, 24.38g Protein, 0g Carbs & 28.40g Fats.

By replacing the meat in just 2 meals per day, you can save about 500 calories!

HumaPro® is also Vegan Friendly, and contains NO: Gluten, Soy, Sugar, Lactose or Heavy Metals.

HumaPro 300t suggested Use:

 Take FIVE (5) tablets THREE (3) to SIX (6) times daily.

For best results take FIVE (5) to TEN (10) tablets 20 minutes prior to exercise or competition, and immediately after.

Athletes may take up to TEN (10) tablets per serving up to six (6) times daily, at least TWO and a HALF (2.5) hours apart.

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Additional information

Weight 8 oz

300, 450

3 reviews for HUMAPRO Tablets

  1. 5 out of 5

    Scotty Williams

    I started taking this supplement 1.5 years ago. The fat loss results are amazing as well as the mass definition. Easy to swallow and VERY convenient without drinking a ton of protein shakes. I strongly recommend this product for effective weight loss. The best out there.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Terry Lazano

    The tablets are very convenient . I take 5 upon waking up to jumpstart my metabolism and protect my muscles. 1/4 of a calorie per 5 tablets ! I’ve noticed it also keeps hunger cravings off without starving myself . The added vitamins are a plus as well.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Liz Beaty

    One of my favorite products ever! So quick and easy! I take 5 first thing and there is 5 grams of protein per tablet! Great for those like myself than don’t have time to make a shake!

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