Mercury – GAIA – Cissus


Mercury – GAIA – Cissus


GAIA Super Fruits And Greens

GAIA Super Fruits and Greens - Having trouble eating enough fruits and vegetables? Get Gaia, the top, best tasting, most complete fruits and greens formula from Chaos...

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Mercury Extended Energy BCAA Complex

Cissus Joint and Tendon Support

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Mercury – Gaia – Cissus – the ULTIMATE stack brought to you by Chaos & Pain.

BCAA, Fruits & Greens and Joint Care all in one bundle.


Therefore, designed to sustain athletes through long workouts, while providing slow carbs and electrolytes to prevent cramping and crash.

One of the hardest things to explain to a athlete is the utility of branched chain amino acids for the average person.

Firstly, Mercury is the first targeted BCAA product that does what it says.

“You are only as strong as your greatest weakness” – Some Awesome Dude.

Furthermore, that’s why Chaos and Pain just blessed the world with Mercury – Gaia – Cissus, the ultimate daily recovery formula. 


Secondly, antioxidants inhibit the oxidation of molecules. When oxidation occurs, Free Radicals are produced.

By using antioxidants, you can stop the cascade of events caused by Free Radicals.

In addition, put an end to the chain reaction of destruction in your cells.

By the way, oxygen is the largest free radical of them all. That’s right, what we all need for life is slowly killing us.

So the more muscle mass you have, the more anti-oxidants you need for optimal health and recovery times!

To achieve the greatest effect with Mercury – Gaia – Cissus take daily. Consistency is Key!


After that, Cissus has been called the “Bone Setter” in some cultures.

Cissus is a traditional Indian medicine now used by modern athletes to treat bone and joint injuries, fight inflammation, and reduce joint pain.

  • Treating acute joint pain.
  • Improving the functionality of the joint.
  • Drastically reducing inflammation.
  • Significantly improving the rate of bone regrowth.
  • Possible weight loss.

Mercury – Gaia – Cissus hits every angle, from athletes to every day care care and maintenance. 

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Mercury Extended Energy BCAA Complex


Elysium Fruit


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