PROTEIN + Collagen & Probiotics


PROTEIN + Collagen & Probiotics




Muscle Building  • Joint Support  • Gut Health

PROTEIN + Collagen & Probiotics features a blend of whey protein isolate and concentrate, collagen peptides.

Secondly, This protein includes probiotics, and digestive enzymes to maximize protein absorption.

  • 25g Protein Per Serving
  • 27 Servings Per Container
  • Naturally Sweetened
  • Naturally Flavored
  • No Colors or Dyes
  • No WADA Banned Substances

    What is Collagen?

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, making up 70% of our skin tissue and 30% of our body tissue.

It’s found in muscles, bones, skin, cartilage, ligaments, and the lining around our organs.

Furthermore, many people call it “The glue of the Body” because it’s true function is to hold your muscles and bones together.

Collagen the most abundant protein in the body, making up 70% of our skin tissue and 30% of our body tissue.

It’s found in:

  • muscles
  • bones
  • skin
  • cartilage
  • ligaments
  • and the lining around our organs.

When you exercise, you’re actually causing micro-tears in the muscle fibers.

Your body then repairs the muscle fibers and adapts them to grow back stronger.

With this being said, that studies have shown that collagen may help with wound healing and overall recovery from exercise.

Therefore, given the fact that exercise elicits micro-trauma in the muscle.

 PROTEIN + Collagen & Probiotics by Inspired Nutraceuticals available in 3 amazing flavors:

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie
  • Vanilla Cream Cupcake

Probiotics are live bacteria (the good kind) that line your gut and keep your digestive tract running smoothly.

Furthermore, these microorganisms promote digestion health and all around immune function.

Probiotics work by crowding out bad microbes and replacing them with good bacteria.

So let’s make this easy on ourselves. Protein + Collagen & Probiotics is here to save the day!

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Additional information

Weight 32 oz

Chocolate Cake, PB Chocolate Cookie, Vanilla Creme Cupcake

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Josh Sanderson

    Taste was good, reliable. I have had better protein, often times with this brand. They seem to never have stock, and are always doing pre-sells. Like bring in the darn product then sell it. Just annoying.

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