Vasogen Ultra


Vasogen Ultra is a pump supplement from VMI Sports that, instead of coming in the now more common, flavored powder format, it is a capsule product.

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Vasogen Ultra

  • Train Harder
  • Vascular Gains
  • Potent Botanicals

Vasogen® ULTRA is cutting-edge nitric oxide boosting vasodilator supplement using herbal ingredients to improve vasodilation and pumps!   Hawthorn Powder | VitaBerry®

Vasogen Ultra is a pump supplement from VMI Sports that instead of coming in flavored powder format comes to you as a capsule product. Being a capsule product allows you to take this on the go wherever you are without have to mix and ratio drinks.

VMI Sports Delivers

  • Intense muscle pumps
  • Easy two-capsule serving size
  • Transparent Blend
  • With the original version relying on a non-transparent blend of hawthorn, agmatine, Vinitrox, pine bark, and a few other features.

For 2020, VMI Sports has decided to revamp and relaunch the pump supplement still in capsules with a similar formula and officially named Vasogen Ultra 2.0. The brand has carried over the original’s hawthorn berry, schisandra, pine bark, theobromine, and sodium chloride, alongside a new feature with the high-ORAC, freeze-dried fruit powder blend VitaBerry.

Because Vasogen Ultra is not based on Arginine the new formula delivers a uniqueness. Instead, this vasodilator uses clinically studied herbal compounds such as Hawthorn & VitaBerry.

Vasogen Ultra 2.0 – Straight Nasty Pumps

  • Train Harder and Longer than ever before
  • Vascular Gains
  • Potent Botanicals
  • Stim-Free Pump
  • 30 Day Supple
  • Now with VitaBerry

VMI Sports is promising the same intense pumps found in the original Vasogen for this new formula and luckily for you Nutratopia Health has it in stock right now in-store and on our website.The brand has kept the product stimulant-free, so you can stack with stimulant pre-workouts such as VMI’s own K-XR, and it has the usual 30 full servings per bottle.




  • Vitamin B3
  • Chloride
  • Vasogen Pump Matrix
    • Hawthorn Powder
    • VitaBerry Organic Fruit Blend
    • Pine Bark Extract
    • Theobromine
    • +Much More


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  1. 5 out of 5


    I take this 30 minutes before I work out. The results are so awesome!

  2. Bradley M.

    not the same formula as original …its missing a key ingredient!

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